Underdog Knight 2 2011

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During an abortive bank robbery by Hei Yong (Steve Yoo) and his younger brother that is foiled by simpleton bike messenger Lao San (Liu Ye), Hei Yong is captured and his brother shot by police officer Han (Vincent Chiao). The brother ends up in a coma and Hei Yong swears revenge on Han, an old sparring partner who’s finally caught him. Two months later, Hei Yong is sentenced to life imprisonment. Meanwhile, Lao San, who was brain-damaged two years ago from an accident in the navy, continues on his personal mission in life to discipline society’s “bad guys”. En route, he again meets Han’s younger sister, Xiaohui (Eileen Zhang), who was working as a receptionist at the bank during the attempted robbery. A year later, the two are dating; in the meantime, Hei Yong has escaped and plans his revenge on Han. He hooks up with old friend Er Pang (Liu Hailong) who introduces him to weapons specialist-cum-parkour expert “The Professor” (Xu Dongmei), and together they rob a security van. By chance, however, The Professor is caught by Lao San. Then Hei Yong kidnaps Xiaohui, and demands a handover for his brother


Ding Sheng

Underdog Knight 2 2011
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