Tam Cam The Untold Story 2016

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Ancient Republic of Vietnam, with her beautiful plates and living with her stepmother bran. Thank plate mother was mistreated. Plates goby bring the animal home in the well but was goby mother began to eat bran. He told the Buddha appeared goby bone plates put in jars buried.

At that time, the court informed the wife of Prince recruitment, all the girls are able to offer to see the Prince. Plates also want to go but look stepmother arrested Plates black beans and white beans. Plates cry, he told Sheets Buddha reappeared four jars dug up bones goby. He Buddha turns out nice and horse bedding for plates on offer. On the way to drop the shoe plates into the river.

Prince accidentally went to the river and then picked up the shoe plates. Prince commanded anyone to carry just the shoe will be the wife of Prince. The girls took turns to try on shoes, including Cam, but nobody has brought. Until Sheets has stepped in and brought shoes, the Prince agreed to marry plates. Prince plates wife before your mother’s jealousy bran.

Father’s death anniversary, memorial plates in the cafeteria. Plates were picking at the stepmother areca plates: trees fell dead. Bran was put into supply, replacing Prince serving plates. Now aged Thua generals are conspiracy to rob the throne, he was the help of bran and Admiral Thach Bien. Plates soul became oriole, oriole protect Prince Bran being assassinated. Thank instant kill oriole, bird’s body turned into teak trees. Teak trees to protect Prince Thach Bien being assassinated.

The country wants to invade Dai Chinh La Vietnam. Prince to lead his troops to expel the invaders, accompanied by Prince there are two Shogun Tran Bang and Nguyen Luc. In the field of battle, the enemy attack caused massive Prince withdrew. As I crossed the mountain, Tran By betraying and Prince bucket down the mountain. Below the mountain suddenly sprouting a tree inspired marketing support Prince. Moments later there came the old woman picking up and found Prince.

Prince old woman brought home care, she Plates from the market out performance meets Prince. Then Admiral Nguyen Luc found the Crown Prince couple. Now the army is already captured the capital city, the Prince immediately set to prepare forces liberated the city. Prince towards the commander of the army, entered the palace. A fierce battle took place.

Aging is bountiful Thua minister is a monster, he became the killing Tran Bang, then fought with Prince. Prince ate a magic pill, turned him into a monster to fight aging Thua minister. Prince eventually kill Thua minister, he returned to his human form. Army was completely destroyed, killing Thach Bien Nguyen Luc, while Cam imprisoned in the dungeons. The country is peaceful as ever, Prince of supply Sheets her procession, they lived together happily ever after.


Veronica Ngo


Tam Cam The Untold Story 2016
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