Lat Mat 2015

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Director: Ly Hai

Actors: Lý Hải, Trường Giang, Võ Thành Tâm, Kim Xuân, Việt Anh, Lâm Minh Thắng, Phi Phụng, Hoàng Sơn, Cát Phượng, Hứa Minh Đạt, Tiết Cương, Linh Napie…

Genre: Action, Comedy

Language: Vietnamese with English subtitles

Khai, a poor man with a desire to change his life, joined a group with Thang to find diamonds in the jungle. Fortunately, they found three diamonds. From here, Khai is monitored by group of Gypsies to retrieve the diamonds. He is chased by police because the death of Thang. During his escape, Khai had the help of someone. Who were they?

Lat Mat 2015
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