My Father is a Hero 2016

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The movie “Tía tui là cao thủ” is a story about traditional herb physician family. The Nho Nhã Family lives happily with 4 beautiful children in a peaceful village. Mr. Nho is well-known person who has goodwill to rescue the dying patients. With high martial-arts, he brings his passion into medical method “Acupuncture Skill” which made his reputation. Although Mrs. Nhã does not understand about medicine but she is always beside her husband to settle down everything. Mrs. Nhã is easy-anger woman but she is trying her best for each family’s member. Two daughters, Trúc and Sương, are so pretty and good at martial-arts. Vũ – the thirds son – has the passion on cycling, which made him nickname “Super Bicycle Heist”. Only the youngest son, Dũng admires his father and desires to follow family medicine career…

My Father is a Hero 2016
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