A Chinese Odyssey Part One Pandoras Box 1994

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500 years ago, during their journey to the west to fetch the Buddhist scriptures, Monkey got annoyed with the constant nagging of his master, Longevity Monk, and decided to betray him. He was intercepted and subdued by Guanyin, who decided to give him a second chance after Longevity Monk pleaded for leniency and sacrificed himself.

Monkey is reincarnated in the present as Joker, chief of a group of outlaws. Joker and his gang are attacked by two demons, Spider Woman and Bak Jing-jing, who threatened and force them to do their bidding. Joker’s second-in-command (a reincarnation of Pigsy) secretly overheard the demons’ plan to capture Longevity Monk and feast on his flesh to gain immortality. Joker subsequently fell in love with Bak Jing-jing. Grandpa Buddha shows up in disguise as a bunch of grapes, informs Joker about the danger he is in, and gave him a magic mirror which can reveal a being’s true form.

The group are attacked by Bull King, who is also after Longevity Monk. Joker and Pigsy flee with Bak Jing-jing and Spider Woman to Waterfall Cave, where the two demons starts fighting over Joker. Bak Jing-jing and Joker eventually flee from the cave while Spider Woman is impregnated with Pigsy’s child by accident. As Bak Jing-jing had been poisoned by Spider Woman, Joker goes back to the cave to ask for the antidote, but is imprisoned by Spider Woman. In the meantime, outside the cave, Bak Jing-jing is captured by Bull King, who cures her of the poison.

Inside the cave, Joker finds Pandora’s Box, which can open up a time portal when moonlight shines on it and when “Prajñāpāramitā” is chanted. He also overhears Guanyin’s voice, telling him that he was actually Monkey in his past life and is destined to continue his quest to escort his master on the journey to the west. His true destiny will be revealed after he gets three marks on the sole of his foot. Meanwhile, Bull King and Bak Jing-jing enters the cave and fight with Spider Woman. Bak Jing-jing commits suicide after mistakenly believing that Joker has betrayed her love and fathered a child with Spider Woman.

Joker finds Bak Jing-jing and tries to save her by travelling back in time with the aid of Pandora’s Box, but each time he arrives a few seconds too late to stop her from committing suicide. He finally manages to make it on time to prevent Bak Jing-jing from slitting her throat, but she sacrifices herself to save him from Bull King. Joker travels back in time again, but ends up going back in time by 500 years. Outside the cave, he encounters a fairy, Zixia, who confiscates Pandora’s Box and sears three dots on the sole of his foot to mark him as her servant. This fulfils his true destiny as Monkey. He looks in the magic mirror given to him by Grandpa Buddha earlier and is shocked to see a reflection of himself as Monkey.


Jeffrey Lau


Jeffrey Lau (as An Chi), Ch’eng-En Wu (novel)

A Chinese Odyssey Part One Pandoras Box 1994
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