Assembly 2007

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In 1948, during the Chinese Civil War, a PLA officer named Cpt Gu Zidi leads the 9th company in assaulting an NRA-controlled town. Even though he wins, his company suffers from glaring casualties and he witnesses his political commissar being blown to pieces, which leads him to attempt to execute the prisoners of war. Gu is thrown in a jail where he quickly befriends his cell-mate Wang, a school-teacher and pacifist who was jailed for being a coward. A short time later, Gu’s superior Col Liu Zeshui sends Gu and his 46 surviving men on a new assignment, which is to defend the regiment’s flank, namely an old mine on the south bank of the Wen River. Liu clarifies that Gu must not retreat until he hears a bugle call for assembly. Wang departs with Gu’s company as his new political commissar.


Xiaogang Feng


Heng Liu, Jingyuan Yang (original novel)

Assembly 2007
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